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Sea Dogs - On the Hunt When Boats Hit Bottom

When a Mayday call goes out across the nation's waterways, most people believe the U.S. Coast Guard drops everything and is first to arrive on the scene to save the day.

Most people are wrong.

Welcome to the world of Sea Dogs - sailors who serve as a privatized Coast Guard to save people and boats when the water gets rough. They're known as marine salvagers and they respond to emergencies at sea whether the vessels are above the waves or below them.

Though they patrol harbors and coastlines throughout the world, we've chosen to follow the lives of the Sea Dogs in one of the most exotic and congested waterways anywhere - South Florida. Every week, from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West, we see what happens when the Sea Dogs respond to distress calls.

From pulling yachts off the bottom of the Atlantic to rescuing fisherman stranded on the rocks of the Florida Keys at night, our Sea Dogs risk their necks to help make the world a bit safer. But don't think they do this for free. Though our Sea Dogs will save your life for no charge, you'll pay if you want your boat back - and it's not cheap.

Our Sea Dog characters run the gamut of experience, but all have that powerful combination of charisma and love of the sea. There's Larry "The Pro", who's seen more than his share of multi-million dollar yachts on the ocean floor. There's Chris, "The Kid", who talks with reverence about what it means to pull someone out of the water. Barrie, known as the "Ballerina of the Sea", loves to laugh about how many times she's saved the Coast Guard. And there's Reef, "The Old Salt", who has escaped death more times than he can remember.

Anatomy of a Recovery

Tom Jennings Productions completed Post Production on this United Nations Development Project for The Discovery Channel, produced in Singapore by Bang Productions.

One Hour Special
We live in an age of increasing natural disasters which threaten the very ecosystem we live in. Perhaps no tragedy represents this more than that of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. It decimated entire landscapes, swallowed clans and villages whole, killed 240,000 people and ruptured economies to the tune of billions.

During the relief stage, we were spellbound by the images of humanity which flashed on our living room television set for days, weeks, even months. It was an unfolding drama which touched us all in a most visceral way. In this hour of need, the world community rallied around the survivors. Over the first year after the Tsunami hit, billions of dollars were donated. In absolute dollars this was the largest gesture of generosity and compassion the world had ever seen.

But long after the worst of the relief work is over - when the medics have gone, the shelters are built, when bodies have been healed and others buried, those who are left behind must begin to pick up the threads of their lives. The people of Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Maldives were faced with the most daunting and yet the most treacherous task: the process of reconstruction.

It is not often recorded - and yet it is the most critical and crucial lesson we need to learn. Reconstruction can be the great equalizer: There are incredible challenges - the loss of housing, a way of life, economic viability, the inevitable trauma but there are also extraordinary rewards: the reformation of inequalities, the empowerment of people, awe inspiring technological innovation.

This is the story not of a disaster but of a recovery. We may not be able to control the forces of nature but we can control how we prepare and can make choices which can serve to protect, and ultimately save, mankind.

Bear City

Bear City is A feature film based on the Saturday Night Live skit of the same name. TJP is the production company for this film, which is written and directed by SNL veteran T. Sean Shannon. The film is produced by comedy writer Brian Ferretti.

When a meteor hit outside the city of Centerville, a mysterious invisible cloud covered the town, forcing the citizens to flee underground. In this mysterious invisible cloud was a chemical that enabled bears to evolve, and fill the void left by humans. Within two weeks, they had established Bear City.

Bear City goes into production in November 2009.

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